Reaching in 2017

My word for 2017 is REACH. I am hoping to reach a little higher, a little further, and a little longer.

So here I go…blogging. I used to blog for teachers when I was a middle school principal and then stopped when I became a district administrator. Yet, I have learned so much from friends and colleagues…such as Jen Klocsko, Rachael Peck, Brandon Blom, Todd Schmidt and Peter Dewitt. I am not sure I have something amazing to say…but I do think that I have some reflection to give as both an educator and mother.

As we head into 2017, my commitments to my children are to be a better active listener and to share what I am reading. Seems easy right…until the hustle and bustle of every day life happens. Honestly, this is me reaching to prioritize what matters and making sure it happens.

In fact over the vacation, while trying to actively listen to my younger daughter, she pointed out that I had stopped what I was doing and was not just saying “uh huh” to everything thing she was saying. She shared that last time she told a story I watched my computer and just repeated “uh huh” to everything even when it did not make sense. Now while I want to be that mom that listens to every word, sometimes the air time is dominated by her.  However, I heard the message loud and clear.  You listened to me and I am letting you know that I noticed. Reach more often!

The second commitment is being more explicit about my own reading. My children see me read but I do not think that I overtly share the amazing things that I learn and enjoy.  I am sure there might be some under enthusiastic about some of my fun learning and sharing…but I think that it will still model what is important. Reach more often!

I know better than most that if every parent actively engaged in reading, shared reading, and talked about reading that teachers would celebrate!  Families that build a home and culture of literacy will grow children that more likely will be livelong readers. No I need to reach in my own home!

Parents, what are your commitments in 2017? Let’s all learn and grow together!

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